Features Of HALO Wireless Charging Stand

Smartphones are great tools. They are always in our pockets and ready to go when the situation demands it. But the battery life can be excruciatingly short, even with a portable charger on hand. Enter Halo Wireless Charging Stand. Its creators say it brings consumers a charging experience that’s simple, secure and ultimately sexy.

Halo is a wireless charging stand for smartphones and tablets that is designed to deliver a hassle-free charging experience. The base consists of one large plate with three halo rings that sit on top of each other to form the charger. You simply place your device onto the stand, and let it charge. The halo rings are positioned in such a way that they provide maximum conductivity while remaining stable during the transmission process.

The charger connects to devices via magnetic induction technology so there’s no mess or loud buzzing when you use it. It has a built-in overcharging protection chip, so if you leave your device charging for too long on the Halo stand, the charging will automatically stop. And to top it all off, the charger can be easily taken apart, and is compatible with most major smartphones and tablets.

Halo Wireless Charging Stand is designed to work on the Qi wireless charging standard. It’s compatible with all smart devices that support this standard including those made by Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. The charger can also be used with other devices that are Qi-compatible like the iPhone 5/5s, iPad mini/4th generation, iPod nano 7/8th generation, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6, Chromecast as well as tablets that use a flat surface to charge like Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX (all models).


Halo Wireless Charging Stand is primarily designed for Samsung Galaxy Phones and Android Tablets. But, you can use it on your iPhone as well whenever there is a flat surface. Halo Wireless Charging Stand has a nice design, with multiple decorative holes that make it look stylish. It also features safety features like over-current protection, overcharge protection and the ability to be removed easily. The charger is compatible with most of the Qi-enabled phones and devices.

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