Features Of Kodak Retro Mini Shot

Kodak Retro Mini Shot is a compact, covert camera designed for maximum portability, convenience and discretion. It has a 5MP sensor that records 720p HD video, has an impressive 12 hours of battery life, features dual-mode shooting capabilities and supports capture in RAW format via your SD card. It’s easily concealed in any pocket or purse and provides plenty of satisfaction when you’re ready to share your latest footage with friends, family members or colleagues.

This versatile camera also includes 4 feature sets which together offer an impressive range of creative features:

1. Motion Control

Use the gyroscope to capture motion video by holding still during filming. You’ll have the option of shooting time lapse and/or motion tracking video.

2. Intelligent Auto

Set up your shooting mode by simply pointing Retro Mini Shot at something you want to shoot. You can choose a specific subject, set a timer and set important parameters like white balance and ISO.

3. QuikShot

Take photos quickly and easily with the video-style camera that takes just one push of the shutter button. The self-timer function will help you take photos without a person ever knowing that you’re taking their photo! Pressing the shutter button once will trigger the shutter automatically after 1~10 seconds (hold down to delay). Press it again before the timer runs out to take another shot.

4. FaceFilter

Take a photo made up of a variety of faces by simply selecting from a list of people and faces saved in the camera.

5. Fine-Tune

Fine-tune the exposure and focus on your image with the adjustable options within this shooting mode.

6. Time-Lapse

Select from no motion (still images), moving objects and still objects for time-lapse pictures. Enable one push shutter release or 10 second delay to create amazing time-lapses without any human intervention.

7. Dual-Mode Shooting

Dual-mode mode allows you to shoot video continuously and still pictures at the same time. In dual-mode, a simple tap of the shutter button will begin recording, while another tap will capture a still image.

8. Secure Capture

The Retro Mini Shot has an extraordinary level of security with its new Secret Zone feature. With this feature enabled, only you can view all captured footage. To view the Secret Zone footage, you simply hold down the shutter button, swipe your finger across the screen and then enter a password.

9. RAW Image Capture

Use your SD card to save images in RAW format which stores all of the unprocessed data from your sensor. You’ll be able to do more processing with your pictures when you edit them later on a PC. And with file sizes smaller than JPEGs, you’ll be able to store more photos on your SD card.


The features above are what make this camera worth your time. It is compact, easy to use and record even the most important moments including the big events in your life. As a bonus, it also has 12 hours of battery life making it a very practical choice.

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