Benefits Of Rastelli’s Rib Eye Steak

Rastelli’s Rib Eye Steak is a delicious and well-balanced steak that any meat loving person should enjoy. This rib eye is a great dish for those who are looking for a creative way to cook their beef. The recipe is easy enough to prepare and it includes a few easy steps.

This rib eye steak recipe starts with seasoning the beef with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and Italian seasoning. Next you rub in butter over the top of the steak and add some fresh thyme sprigs on top of it as well.

Benefits of Rastelli’s Rib Eye Steak

1. The Taste

Everybody loves the flavor of a grilled steak. It is one of the best things that you can cook on a grill. The Rastelli Rib Eye Steak recipe is one that brings out a lot of flavor in the steak and also adds seasoning to compliment it as well.

2. The Sauce

Another thing that makes this rib eye steak so tasty is the balsamic vinegar sauce that you put it on after it’s cooked. You coat the meat with some red wine and balsamic vinegar, which produces an amazing flavor for your steak when it cooks.

3. The Consistency

Having the taste of steak but without all the fatty parts is something that more people would like to experience. This rib eye steak recipe has a nice consistency to it and it is cooked so that it still remains juicy and tender on the inside.

4. The Preparation

This Rastelli’s Rib Eye Steak recipe is a very simple one that can be prepared quickly, which makes this recipe ideal for whenever you want to make your delicious rib eye steak. It takes just 30 minutes to cook and some seasonings are added into the dish, which makes this an easy one to satisfy your meat craving as well.

5. The Health Benefits

The one thing about a good cut of steak such as rib eye is that it has plenty of protein, which helps you to build muscle. The Rastelli’s Rib Eye Steak recipe also brings out some vitamins and other minerals that are in the beef, which makes this a healthy meal choice as well.

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