Cycloton Hands Free Bike: Ride With Your Hands Free.

A lot of people enjoy cycling but are concerned about needing to use their hands while they ride. That’s where Cyclotron comes in! With one button the Cyclotron Bike removes a bicycle’s front handlebar, so the rider can ride hands-free! Watch our video to see how it works.

The Cycloton Hands Free Bike comes from Keng-Chang, Taiwan and was covered at a Taipei 2010 expo. Its lightweight carbon frame keeps the bike from weighing a lot. The bike can be used to carry groceries as well; two baskets are provided for easy carrying. The brakes and gears work just like any other bicycle too.

The Cyclotron Bike, which looks like a plain bicycle, is a hacked-together device that includes a bike computer, Bluetooth wireless technology, accelerometer and microprocessor. When you push the one button on the bike’s handlebars, it activates the microprocessor. The microprocessor starts recording information about your cycling: speed, distance traveled and calories burned. You can also adjust shift settings with the touch of a button on the handlebar as well; there are 16 preset settings to choose from like advanced turbo and carbon brakes.

The bike itself is an ordinary bicycle. It has a normal 26-inch fixed wheel and also has a 20-inch wheel but it can only be used on flat surfaces. The bike is really just being marketed as a more convenient way to ride your usual bicycle when you don’t have time to stop and change gears, or even to use your hands if you’re riding in the winter.

The Cyclotron Bike weighs just 5 kilograms (11 pounds). You can go for a ride anywhere in Taiwan, it’s really just a normal bike. Although the Cyclotron Bike isn’t very expensive, you should be able to get one from Taiwanese web shops.Overall, the Cyclotron Bike is a unique concept. It’s a really odd way to ride a bicycle, but it works.

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